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The Growdon family page

Is your surname Growdon or Growden?

Or are you descended from someone whose surname was Growdon or Growden?

If so, have you ever wondered where your family came from, and whether you are related to other Growdons/Growdens? Have you done research into the Growdon or Growden family tree, and would you like to make contact with others who are doing so? This page is intended to be a contact point for all who are interested in Growdon genealogy.


The Growden/Growdon family seems to have originated in south-eastern England. Most present-day Growdens trace their families back to Cornwall, especially to the Bodmin Moor area, but the earliest Growdens are recorded in Devon.

There are four or five different branches of the Growden family (most of which used both spellings, Growdon and Growden, at different times). Some of us, at least, would like to find out if there are links between these branches.

Different branches

Here are some of the branches:
  1. The Quaker Growdens - Lived in Cornwall in the 17th century, descended from a Laurence and Jennipher Growden. Some emigrated to Pennsylvania.
  2. The Warleggan Growdens -- first branch - descended from William B. Growden and Ann Cocker who were married at Warleggan in 1784. Some of these also emigrated to Pennylvania, but in the 19th century, and spread to various parts of the USA.
  3. The Warleggan Growdens - second branch - descended from Joseph Growden who married Elizabeth Cocker in Warleggan about 1800, and later lived at nearby St Neot. One branch of this family moved to Sheffield, Yorkshire.
  4. The Cardinham-Bodmin Growdens - descended from William Growden who married Elizabeth Couch Sandercock in Cardinham, Cornwall, in 1792, and was probably born about 1764. Descendants migrated to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. One branch from New Zealand went to the USA, and their descendants ended up in Tennessee, Louisiana and Alaska, mostly.
  5. The Riggs Growdons - descended from William Henry Growdon and Selina Lavinia Axworthy Riggs. Descendants seem to be mainly in south-western England
  6. The Treesmill Growdens - descended from George Growden (1805-1876) of Treesmill, Cornwall, and his wife Anne Maynard. At least some of their descendants migrated to South Australia.
If you know of any other branches of the Growden family not listed above, we would love to hear from you! And if you have any information about any of the above branches, we would also love to hear from you. You can make contact through one of the forums listed below, and also on the following sites:

  1. Family history Wiki, which has some more information about the Growdon/Growden family, and which you can add to and edit
  2. Our Family History Blog, which has several entries for Growden/Growdon families as we find new information, or make contact with members of the family and record family news and stories. You can leave comments on the blog, and if you have a family blog, let us know and we'll add it to the blogroll.

The Growden family forums

If you think you may be related please make contect through one of the forums below:

YahooGroups forum

To try to link or families together we had started a Growden family forum on YahooGroups, where we can share information and discuss the family history. If you are linked to any of these families, please join us there.

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RootsWeb Growdon/Growden forum

the Growdon mailing list at Rootsweb

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You can also check our Family History blog.

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