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Steve Hayes - Links and contact information

This page has contact information and web page links for Steve Hayes of Tshwane, South Africa. You probably reached it through a link in a signature on an e-mail message or newsgroup article.

I maintain various web sites and pages on different topics, mainly because I would like to make contact and exchange ideas with others who are interested in the same or similar topics. So I hope to find people who have similar interests and concerns to mine. This page is a kind of map of the pages, interests and concerns, so you can find your way around.

If you want to report a problem with a web page, or a technical point, you may contact me by E-mail:

Unfortunately the former host of these web pages, Bravenet, seems to be collapsing, and has marked them as "expired", with the result that many links are broken. I have moved them to a new site, but it will take time to edit all the links, and in any case external links to the Bravenet site will still be broken.

For this reason I'm not putting much that is new on this site, but am rather using my blogs Khanya and Notes from underground

If you want to discuss the content of the web pages, or articles I have written, I would much prefer to do it in open discussion forums rather than by personal e-mail. See the list of discussion forums

There is more information on how to contact us by e-mail and snail mail on our contact page. I'm sorry we have to put it in a roundabout way, but we have had to do this to try to reduce the volume of spam and e-mail viruses.

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Contents of this page

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  2. Websites maintained by Steve Hayes
  3. Orthodox Church pages
  4. Links to mission articles
  5. Literary pages
  6. Discussion forums
  7. Society and politics
  8. Family history
  9. Personal and family pages


I maintain (or used to maintain) the following web sites:

As you can see, I maintain a number of web pages, both personal, and for other organisations and bodies. If you want to write to me about any of them, please specify which ones you are writing about. It is not enough to say "your webpage", because I will have no way of knowing which one you are referring to.

I also write and edit pages for Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. If you want to contact me about that, you can find our more at my Wikipedia user page. I am mainly concerned with pages on southern African history, Christianity in Africa and Orthodox Christianity.

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Orthodox Church pages

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Links to mission articles

My field of academic study is missiology (the study of Christian mission), and here are links to some mission articles I have written.

  1. Published academic articles
  2. Blog articles and series
    • Tales from Dystopia -- a series of blog posts with reminiscences of life in South Africa during the apartheid era. We sometimes complain about the problems of the present, but it is too easy to forget the darkness from which we have come.
    • Religion, religions and salvation -- a series of posts on a Christian theology of religions.

  3. Other published articles
  4. Articles on Scribd
  5. I am also uploading some documents to the Scribd document server. Some of them may not be listed here, but you can see a full list if you go to the site.


  6. Unpublished articles

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Discussion Forums

When the BBS networks died, I moved some of the discussion forums to e-mail mailing lists, and if the topics interest you, please join them. Each forum also has its own web page where you can upload and download files, create databases related to the topic of the forum, create polls to ask questions of other members, and a calendar to check on events related to the topic of the forum.

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Literary pages

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Society and politics

This is not so much about current politics as about history, We are all witnesses of history, and here are some of the people and events that went to make up my experience of the history of southern Africa.

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Family history and genealogy

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Blogs and journals

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Personal, miscellaneous and family pages

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